Our History

Arrow Box Company was established in 1964 in the garage of Lou Deutschman.

Lou built business relationships by day and boxes by night. With a relentless dedication to servicing customer needs, paralleled only by product quality, the business grew. Within 3 short years, Arrow Box had 25 employees in a 20,000 sq. ft. building in south central St. Louis. Another move in 1971 allowed Arrow Box Company to build a new facility on 5.5 acres of property in Kirkwood, MO.

In 1986, Jess Kramper joined Arrow Box Company. As General Manager, Jess guided the company through two real estate expansions of the primary facility, the acquisition of a secondary warehousing facility, as well as a cluster of newer, more efficient machinery to further expand manufacturing capabilities. Jess acquired full ownership of Arrow Box Company in 2015 to continue Lou’s mission of exceptional Quality & Service.



Why we do what we do…

There are three core elements that define why Arrow Box Company continues to be successful. Consequently, we ensure these three elements are at the heart of everything we do.

Our Customers

Our customers make us who we are. That’s why we do all we can to not just support your business, but improve your business. When our customers grow, we grow, which is why we have so many long lasting client relationships.

Our Product

Our customers continue to do business with us because of our unequivocal focus on quality. Our dynamic, lean approach allows us to monitor quality throughout the manufacturing life-cycle, significantly reducing waste. Clear and simple – if an item does not meet our high standards, it does not leave our facility.

Our People

Cliché or not, we are a family. Come visit us and see our wall of employees with over 25 years of service. There is a reason we choose to work together for so long – we take care of each other. Check out our Careers page for information about how to join the Arrow Box family.