What’s in a box?

Well, just about everything comes in a box.  Over 90% of consumer goods are packaged in a corrugated box at some point in the supply chain.

Box Types

We can custom design any type of box.  Listed below are some of the more basic designs.

(RSC) Regular Slotted Container
The RSC is the most common box style.  There are four flaps on the top and four flaps on the bottom.  Major flaps meet in the center of the box.
(HSC) Half Slotted Carton
Similar to the RSC, except the HSC only has flaps on one end.  The other end is open.
(FOL) Full Overlap
Similar to the RSC, except the FOL major flaps fully overlap.
(MDC) Multiple Depth Carton
The MDC is a dynamic type of RSC.  Multiple scores along the sides of the box allow the users to customize the height.
(FTC) Full Telescope Carton
FTC is comprised of two fully telescoping sections.  The slightly larger top section slips over the bottom section.
(OPF) One Piece Folder
The OPF has as solid bottom, with the two top flaps meeting in the center of the box.
(FPF) Five Panel Folder
The FPF has five long panels with one overlapping segment.  The two ends also overlap.


Corrugated 101

Corrugated fiberboard (or just corrugated for short) is the correct terminology for what is commonly called ‘cardboard’.  Actually, the term ‘cardboard’ is a description more accurately applied to chipboard, which is used to construct cereal boxes or tissue boxes.

Corrugated packaging is used somewhere along the supply chain for over 90% of consumer goods.  It is preferred because of its lightweight, yet durable composition.  In addition, corrugated is easily converted to an almost unlimited number of designs, making it a highly dynamic material.flute

Brown is the new green.  One of the most attractive attributes of corrugated is that it is easily reusable and recyclable.  In fact, most manufacturers can provide recycled corrugated as an option.

There are various options associated with the structure of corrugated that can be selected based on use and application.

  • Single-wall corrugated is comprised of a medium and two liner boards.
  • Double-wall corrugated is comprised of two mediums and three liner boards.  [Insert Photo]
  • Triple-wall corrugated is comprised of three mediums and four linerboards.

In addition, each medium has a designated flute profile.

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